A Great Tool For Effective Teams.

For Freelancers, Startups, SMEs And Large Groups.


Manage Client Projects Better.

Manage your projects professionally, ensuring work efficiency, team collaboration and client satisfaction. Lead and manage your growth.

  • Assign projects and tasks to team members.
  • Keep track of hours spent working on tasks.
  • Monitor and manage your project statuses.
  • Automate invoices from project time logs.
  • Generate and manage all contracts online.


Acquire And Retain Clients.

Make client retention a key part of your business. Manage your acquisitions and keep constant track of your clients' requirements.

  • Manage all your leads on a single interface.
  • Assign consultants to each potential client.
  • Categorise leads via channel and statuses.
  • Establish an end-to-end business interface.
  • Chat securely in-app to clients in real-time.

Streamline Your Daily Operations.

Keep track of all operational and human resources management processes. Group employees by designations and departments.

  • Create an online profile for each employee.
  • Monitor all monthly and annual attendance.
  • Create and approve work leave applications.
  • Automate your monthly staff payroll system.
  • Integrate project time log hours into salaries.


Manage Products And Services.

Manage your company's products and services. Make your clients' purchase transactions seamless and automate all invoice generation.

  • Create and upload unlimited products.
  • Pre-calculate your VAT rate for invoicing.
  • Provide clients with a product items list.
  • Monitor and process all pending orders.
  • Manage products by enabling/disabling.

Automate Your Customer Support.

Provide your clients with the best customer service experience via a streamlined support process. Track each query's resolution status.

  • Create support categories such as 'Sales'.
  • Designate consultants for each category.
  • Distinguish support tickets by channels.
  • Get notifications for each ticket update.
  • Create feedback templates for support.


Conduct Video Call Meetings.

Leverage innovative Zoom video conferencing technology for remote work. Stay constantly in touch with your team members and clients.

  • Integrate Zoom on your Virtoolo account.
  • Conduct your business meetings virtually.
  • Organise webinars and training sessions.
  • Follow up with your team on weekly tasks.
  • Collaborate virtually on periodic projects.

Strategically Plan For The Future.

Gain better insight into your business operation using data gathered from different work units to plan ahead and make informed decisions.

  • Use your data to make the best decisions.
  • Identify and harness pain points for growth.
  • Evaluate your operations on a periodic basis.
  • Save on operating cost with a lean method.
  • Use daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly filters.


Core Features

Do business the right way and get the right results. Here are some of our core application features to help you succeed.

CRM Application

Great business tool for managing your weekly client acquisition and retention processes.

Project Management

Your integrated project and task management tool for work efficiency and business growth.

Team Collaboration

Create great cohesion within your team while improving productivity and meeting deadlines.

Payroll Management

Automate your employee payroll system with integrated periodic deductions and earnings.

Human Resources

Human Resource Management application for related company operations, large or small.

Integrated Reports

Detailed tasks, time logs, finance, income, expense, attendance and leave application reports.

Grow Your Business The Smart Way.

The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members or workers better.

Tony Dungy

Yes, CRM is all about Customer Relationship Management... but it is also about Prospect Relationships as well.

Bobby Darnell

CRM doesn't have to be hard if you plan for how all the pieces will work together BEFORE you start your implementation.

Lars Helgeson

Managing Your Business Has Never Been So Easy.

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